Wishing You a Peace Full Holiday

Dear music lover, 

As the holiday season envelopes us I wish you the peace and love you seek and deserve. 

We work hard all year long, get caught up in the grind, the ups and downs of life, and keep spinning round and round, but it is important we take time to step back and reflect on all that has happened. You have achieved much this year. Take a moment to breathe that in. It has been an especially challenging year but you've persevered and positioned yourself for more success in the new year. There is also a good chance that if you stop and look around you will find much of the peace and love that you've been seeking surrounding you. It is there. We just forget sometimes. 

I wish you that feeling you get when you realize it is there - that's what I wish you for you this holiday. Breathe it in and enjoy a well deserved break, hot cider, moment of reflection... peace. 

Let it fuel your fire for more good things to come. 

"These times could be so easy if you could just trust there are still good people with love to give" (taken from my song, Tangled Web).

Peace and love,


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