Solar, Nature and The Sacred

I was invited to write and share my thoughts about solar, nature and the sacred with the good folks at St. Andrew's United Church. This is what came out:

The sun is one of the four elements - fire.

The four elements, Earth, Wind, Fire and Water, are what comprise this magical mystery known as life and the universe.

The multitude of ways that they interact and weave together in cosmic and biological play create all that we know.
The planets, moons and the stars.
The animals, fish and the birds.
The rocks, the dirt and the trees.
And on and on it goes,
The elements weaving together in countless magical and mysterious ways. 

That is sacred.

Whether or not we notice and tune in is another question.
The sacredness of the elements is always there.
But do we notice?
Will we notice?

As for the sun, that massive ball of burning gas far beyond our reach,
Always gracing us with its limitless energy,
Caressing our faces with gentle light,
Growing our food,
And setting in motion all the other elements...
It is our prime mover and creator of Nature.

The light hits Mother Earth and brings her to life, stirring creatures and oceans, setting tradewinds in motion.
LIttle fires ignite and chemical, biological and metaphysical reactions take flight,
Bringing to life this vast wonder of nature
We are blessed to be part of,
Harmonize with,
Unite and delight.

That is sacred.

Therein and throughout is the divine.
Moving and stagnant,
Dark and light,
Solar sunshine and sacred Nature,
Mother Earth's celebration.
Vivid and sombre,
Full colour and gray,
Death with life.

That is sacred.

Thanks to the sun.
May we learn better to harmonize and resonate with his rays and groove with Mother Nature's rhythmic ways.

- Tomi Allen, January 20, 2019


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