Full Circle Karma

I've been struggling for much of 2017 with some of the yin-yang realities of life, namely the more you give the more people take. Seems like a natural cause and effect but I've been going wrong in expecting the energy to come back. I've been fearful that I might not get enough back to keep going and giving and doing what I love. Slowly I've been realizing that karma is indeed at work but I am foolish for expecting it to come back the way I want it. Seems like an obvious flaw in my thinking but I'm sure we are all guilty of it. How often do you hold back for fear of not getting back what you give? How often do you hold it against someone for not reciprocating your good deeds? A natural form of self-preservation perhaps. 

Going a little deeper, I've been realizing I am all the more foolish when I contrast my mindset with how much I have received over the course of my life from family, friends and strangers. On top of that, I've been contemplating how much I've received from the Earth (everything!), constantly taking without stopping to think about giving back. I've realized that this is a state of mind that perpetuates much of the world and is what is resulting in a back lash from Mother Earth herself. Climate change is a perfect example. We continually extract fossil fuels that have been underground for millennia and spew it into the air to satisfy our needs without giving a second thought to her and future generations. Arrogant and selfish indeed. 

And here I am struggling to reconcile how much I have given versus how much I have received. I've realized I am just an immature child. But I am learning. It takes time. We all need to accept the offerings of each other and the Earth to grow strong before we can give back. I've been acknowledging and working with that, digging deeper, and that's one of many reasons why I've been taking a greater interest in First Nations, ancient histories, and nature itself. The sacred balance of give and take has been around for all time and I still have much to learn from our elders and our past. We all do. 

So with this in mind I'm forging ahead, shifting my mindset and I look forward to exploring how we as a whole can establish a more balanced and sustainable relationship with each other and the Earth. Karma works in mysterious ways but I believe it will always find its way back, just not necessarily the way we want or even within our lifetime. But I trust that if we keep giving, we will continue to receive. So don't hold back - give what you have to give. It will come full circle.

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