December 22, 2015 - My first music video

Last week I posted my first ever music video and I've been very encouraged by the response. I was actually going to cut the song from the album as I felt most insecure about it. It was the only song where I played all the instruments and it disclosed a vulnerable side I still struggle with. But when I asked for feedback on the album, surprisingly many people gravitated to this song so I figured it would be foolish to cut. In fact, I ended up making it a single based on the feedback I got from everyone. And I even made a music video for it. 

The song, Tangled Web, marks the point in time when I left home to travel and find a deeper meaning in life. I had been working as an engineer, I quit my job, my father strongly disapproved, most of my friends were scratching their heads, but I had to do it. I knew there was more to life and I was determined to learn and experience it. I set off with my guitar and backpack, a book called The World's Religions and ideas of love and enlightenment. I ended up drifting and wandering for about two years, had my eyes and heart ripped open in multiple ways, and fortunately / unfortunately I was introduced to the world of depression. I say that because it has since changed my life as I've realized there is a whole under-current of mental health issues in society that is rarely talked about. Only once you go down the road yourself do you start to realize how many people have struggled and continue to struggle. It's opened my eyes a lot, although it was hard as hell. But no pain no gain, right? And in parts of Africa, I've read that mental health issues can be considered a gateway to enlightenment and shamanism. Makes sense to me - how can you really help others if you don't understand struggle? Bit of a catch 22 if you ask me, but who am I to argue.

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